A Small SEO Question... Belongs in the seo forum strange as it may seem.

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So I've got an EZA I want to rank for a kw phrase in a campaign I'm not working on. The problem is, there are two EZA's already ranking for this phrase, one of which is an article of my I wrote several months ago. Now, this old article has no backlink building at all so I'm wondering...

Can I just go ahead and promote the new EZA (high CT and better formatted fro my product)? I would think that building bookmark links, web 2.0's, free traffic system, directory submissions etc would help me overcome an old article with no backlinks but I'm not 100% sure since the other article is older.

Thanks for any input you can offer,

- Brandon
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    Oh also I should note I COULD repost the article to GoArticles or something but the fact that it's already published on EZA means it might be hard to convince google that a newer version is the one to index.
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    Build More links and do better SEO with both the articles.In fact do lots of backlinking on both the articles so that both of your article gets ranked higher and you receive good return from both article.Plus,you knock your competitor down in the SERP's.

    And yes,the Original article will get more value than the content that appears after long time.So,building backlinks is the way to go.Keep it simple and good luck.

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    Alrighty then, I'm going to have to choose one article or the other because the other EZA currently ranking seems to have very solid off-site seo done to it.
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    Even better is to start your own site/blog and start backlinking that. I see too many people placing so much of their equity in EZA. What happens when they decide to turn all your links no-follow? Or get slapped by Google, or whatever. You need to own your own content 100%.

    "If you take away our right to steal ideas, where are they gonna come from?"

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