Bing Users Buy, Google Users Research (and sometimes buy).

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The title is my hypothesis, now it's time for some research...

The people using Bing are mostly people older in age, who have established themselves financially. These people are usually 35+ and use Bing because it is preloaded onto their PC. They don't know any better and frankly - they like it.

Bing is a horrible search engine if your trying to do research. However, if you are trying to buy something - well, it's pretty amazing. It is SET UP for consumers (Microsoft developed it, obviously).

At CES today I talked with one of the production managers for BING and expressed my current issue.

Bing doesn't easily let search engine marketers list their products on the Bing cash back. This is annoying because not only does Google make that free, but they make it fairly easy to do as well. They didn't have many answers for me, but did say they would bring it up at their next meeting.

Has anyone been advertising on Bing? How is it working out for you? More return?
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