if your site has great content, why would a user click on an Adsense ad then?

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So I understand to get related ads you need to have good relevant content. But as a user, if I visited a site about say "yoga", and the site I visited has excellent content that answered all my questions, why would I click on an Adsense ad about related "yoga" topics if I found everything I needed on the site that I'm on??

It's almost like a catch 22 thing, at least in my eyes. Isn't the purpose of clicking on an ad link to find out more since the site I'm on isn't sufficient?
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    You are right. Most low quality info sites get a higher "percentage" of adsense clicks just for that reason, they are not done searching yet. It isn't only the info itself, MFA owners go ahead and get the navigation out and other nuisances so the visitor has nothing else but click the link.

    You need to hold on to the fact that your quality info site would attract more visitors, and although with a low adsense CTR you may return a higher income.

    But forget about the above. Most ads appearing on your site wouldn't be "further info" on the subject, they'd most probably be products/offers about what your page talks about.

    So, for example, if you are talking about the procedures of building a membership site, you'll probably mention that there a plugins one can use, that there are themes that go great with such a site's homepage etc. and there is a big chance that your ads will show ads about such plugins and themes (you'd make more money putting your affiliate links in there yourself, but that is another issue.)

    You aren't giving out the plugin and the theme yourself after all, the ad links complement your information.

    - Chief Executive Philosopher

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    One of my sites I'm building now is an informational site with good, unique content. I know my CTR will be low, but I will probably get more ppl since I'm being so darn honest about this - who knows, I'll probably get a higher income in the end.

    Also - this sucker will be optimized very well.

    <a href="https://changeyourbudget.com/save-money-on-your-water-bill/">How to Lower Your Water Bill</a>

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    I find Adsense sites with info about products do well. The visitors want the info, but then click on the ads if they want to buy.
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      I read a great article in the most recent "Sunday Star Times", a New Zealand Sunday newspaper.

      This kiwi retired builder started a blog about 6 years ago and was providing free content (videos, plans, how-to) in the DIY (do it yourself) market.

      Apparently in the early days, other site owners were peeved off that all his info was free and that he was diminishing the value of their products.

      He claims to be now making $20k/month in Adsense only.

      His site is eazibuild.com

      Go check out his site and see who is advertising. This is great research.

      A google marketing rep did comment that he was "the jewel in the crown", with regards to adsense, but at least you can understand what he's doing and see if you can replicate it.
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        I saw one site on google adsense success stories only
        use one ad link unit on the left side. People expect a link list
        on the left side, and it appeared as the first set of links.
        They claimed they had good revenue. The site was chock
        full of content. Nobody here has talked much about ad link
        units. I know they require 2 clicks from the user They also
        had the search as well.

        It seems the success stories have more sites with only
        one adsense unit, as opposed to using the max.

        I would suspect that a key to one's success is not just
        content, but the amount of visitors.


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Hmmm, if adsense sites work better with products, wouldn't it be better to create an affiliate landing page to sell a product and most likely earn a high commission?

      Granted now instead of just writing about the product, you have to write it in such a presell way to get the user to click AND buy the product

      Originally Posted by mejohn View Post

      I find Adsense sites with info about products do well. The visitors want the info, but then click on the ads if they want to buy.
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    A.D.D. ?

    I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't, and die to find out there is.
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    Yeah right, make people keep looking for the information they want... don't give them all the information in your site... this helps you gain more clicks on your ads...

    People will keep searching in your site and they tend to click on link (ads) when they didn't found what they are looking for...


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