Any advice, good WSO's, etc. for selling SEO to local businesses?

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I'm starting to sell SEO to local businesses and I want to learn everything about it. Where can I learn more about it? Any books, WSO's?
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    seomoz is a top resource, worth signing up for a pro account if you will make use of it, you can power alot of what you do for clients from that site.

    and try


    (cant post links yet as new member)
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    Originally Posted by mjwoodi View Post

    Hang on,

    Your trying to sell a service to local businesses that you know nothing about? I think you first need to read about SEO, then actually do some for yourself and then sell your servic to others
    Actually, I meant I didn't know anything about selling SEO to local businesses not about the service itself.
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    I'm pretty sure Google has a documentation on SEO, try read that it's got a lot of useful information that you'll need.
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    Newrichgraphics is trying to learn more about the actual "SELLING" of SEO services to clients - not SEO itself (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Check out the super long thread going on in the main forum now - the title is something about "what services do you offer for offline" etc. That's free my friend, and I can't imagine you would walk away not learning something from it.

    Good luck!
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