How to display my google adsense or my adbrite ads inside or covering videos which I''m uploading

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What I recently noticed in many websites showing TV shows,movies,live streaming etc is that they are able to show ads mainly google adsense ads and some other ads in front of the video.Sometimes that ad runs for 30 secs,sometimes we need to manually close the ad.Anyway it seems really important for the website which I am about to launch if I can show adsense ads in front of video uploaded.Do I need to have some coding knowledge for displaying adsense ads or any other ads like that or is there any video uploading website which allows doing that.Either way I want to know about this feature badly.Cannot find a real answer when I searched for it online.I noticed that some companys like video weed do display their own adbrite ads inside my video uploaded in their site,but I want to show my own google adsense or adbrite ads inside the video.How to display like this?Thanks in advance.
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    It's hard when you yourself know what you are talking about but just can't write it out -- I have that problem often.

    What you mean by showing adsense INSIDE videos really is confusing. But reading your question, I just get the impression that maybe you are asking about google adsense ads that are animated/moving -- those can be google "image ads."

    When you make your adsense code you can choose to display text and image ads or just one or the other. Depending on what the advertisers are offering at the moment, your site could display "movie clips" as you call it or other animated/moving ads.

    Don't know if that is what you mean -- if not, be way more specific or try to provide an example of a website that is showing what it is you want to show off of your site...
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    See this video embed(dot)novamov(dot)com/embed.php?v=a764lraoeo1z0 where ads are displayed before the video.
    Can you see the ads like what is the capital of US etc.How do they manage to display ads in front of videos.I have seen some live streaming videos where adsense ads appear before the video for close to 30 sec or more.How do they manage to do that.I also want to do that because I am having a site which is updated with video content daily and video content alone and can I do it by myself?
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    Do anybody know how to do this?Any help from any one having knowledge of coding or is experienced in this field please reply.
    I am really in need of some help regarding this,I could be earning close to 10000clicks on adsense ads if this works out as I am having a video site updated daily.or do adbrite ads shown videos embedded inside a page where google adsense ads are shown will get my adsense account banned?
    Is it against the terms of conditions of Google?
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