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by Si_P
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Does anyone know how to check this or know of the top of their head?

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    I'm going to copy this out of my linkwheel report to save some time but:

    How will I know if a site is dofollow or not?

    Well, luckily there is a super easy way to check. What I like to do is go to Google and do a search like: "Internet marketing"

    Then I pick one of the results and I look on the page for an EXTERNAL link. Make sure it is linking off the site because some sites will have nofollow only on external links.

    Copy the URL of the link and open up the page source (usually you can do this by hitting Ctrl + U) then hit Ctrl + F to do a search and paste the URL into the search box. If the site is dofollow the link will appear in a normal format, such as:

    <a href="">Site</a>

    However, if it is a nofollow site it will appear like:

    <a href="" rel="nofollow">Site</a>

    So.... Is Xanga nofollow? Why don't you tell us ;-)
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    yup like wetpaint, its no follow.

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    Seemingly Xanga was dofollow and went nofollow. Oddly, on my blog older posts still have the dofollow property. Don't know if dofollow is available for their paid option.
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    The best way to know is get the Firefox plugin for highlighting nofollow vs dofollow links. Switch it on when you're doing linking and all nofollow show up as orangey pink and dofollow links show up purple. I used to view the page source, but this is SO much quicker.
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    Yes, all links there have become "NoFollow". So, if you want to gain "DoFollow" backlinks, try other platforms because Xanga is useless these days.
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    yes it`s a no follow.

    but i still used it for link wheel. however please keep in mind that they will ban your account if you post too much at the first days and if you will load the blog with tons of links.... so do it slowly and surely.
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