What would you do with a #1 Google Ranking ?????

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Hello fellow warriors. I wanted to ask you guys a hypothetical question. If ranking in one of the top three spots in Google, Yahoo or Bing was a giving, what method would you use to make money.

Would it be cpa? How about affiliate mkt? What would you guys do if google guaranteed you a # 1 spot?
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    Forgive me if this is a rude response, but what is the point of this question?

    One would "assume" that if you have(or were somehow guaranteed) a number #1 spot, you've already done your keyword/market research/back link building and hopefully have a good idea about your market and what it wants. And if you know what your market wants, wouldn't you have already chosen a couple of Monetization strategies already?
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    1. You can do CPA
    2. Straight up affiliate marketing (click here for more info)
    3. You can collect leads to sell to businesses
    4. Build a list to market to
    5. Sell the website for 12x monthly revenue
    6. Stick adsense on it

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    People will respond with what they are familiar with and what they are good at...which won't necessarily apply to you. What are YOU good at? That might be the better angle to approach your puzzle from.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      Thank you guys for your reply. I ask this question because every where you turn you can find ways to get top rankings in the search engine with some work involved of course. I guess what I really want to know is what methods you guys have experienced that does well once you put in the work to get to the top spot. I just want people to tell us what method they have found to be more effective in converting traffic to dollars. Thanks
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    My biggest recommendation is: build a list, google rankings may not last forever, you want to have a business not a promotion, so focus on building equity and assets that will last.

    Give something for free in exchange of the email address and then redirect to your offer if you want.

    If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

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    Hey, that's a great question and a question that nobody ever thinks to ask themselves. After all, if you can find a solid answer to this question, why would you do anything else in Internet Marketing? Personally, I have a few sites that already rank number 1 for their terms and I use Clickbank. I'm sure I could make more money with eCommerce, but Clickbank is literally a set it and forget it mechanism. After you rank the site, you're done and you don't have to ship orders, respond to emails, etc.

    To each their own though! Thanks again for this thought stimulating question!

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    the best way to convert traffic into dollars would be to monetize with items that are targeted into traffic. certain cpa offers may be targeted toward your traffic, an affiliate product may fit better or maybe you will have to create your own product. the point is to target your audience and traffic and keep them coming back
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    Your question's not clear to me. If you have a number one Google position, you've already decided your selling strategy -- or have you? Otherwise, why take the time to pursue a ranking and position?
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      Agreed....you'll never get to positions 1-3 without a strategy already defined.....Well, at least for a keyword that is worth having a strategy for.

      Originally Posted by MikeGriffith View Post

      Your question's not clear to me. If you have a number one Google position, you've already decided your selling strategy -- or have you? Otherwise, why take the time to pursue a ranking and position?
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    I would use adsense or cpa
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    I Prefer you to Apply Adsense and Join Some Affiliate Programs & market their products and Services.. To Earn Great Sufficient Commission.
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