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by DavidO
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I'm about to choose a new domain to target my blood pressure program at the stress relief market. I've decided to start a brand new site for it, Wordpress in fact.

I know that for small businesses it's better to choose a keyword-rich domain than to use a brand name. But my brand has been on the market 4 years and is starting to get searches. I get the following from Google's automated script on the search page:

breatheasy blood pressure: 46,500
breatheasy blood pressure review: 51,900
breatheasy reviews: 554,000 (my product comes out on the top of this search but it also covers every other product with the name "breatheasy")

On the basis of growing brand name recognition I'm thinking of a combined domain that contains my brand plus the targetted keywords. Perhaps...

breatheasy-stress-relief .com
breatheasy-to-reduce-stress .com
relieve-stress-with-breatheasy .com

These are long but I've done well with a long domain (control-your-blood-pressure .com)

The disadvantage I see is that using my brand name prevents me from including more or longer keywords. But keywords in the stress niche are fiercely competitive anyway.

I'd be grateful for suggestions on how to work this.
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