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Got home from work today to see a letter on the door mat, for once it wasn't people asking for money but it was the big G giving me a free £75 AdWords coupon.

Has anyone else in the UK received a free coupon from Google?

Oh and by the way, WTS AdWord coupon :p
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    Good deal, I got one a while back and when I put the code in it said for new accounts only. :-(

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    I got one too, but haven't checked the conditions of use.
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    I am in US and I got one for $100 but it was for new accounts so I couldn't use it.

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      I got one too.

      It is worth £75 until the 28th Feb and then £50 until 31st of March after which it expires.

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      Originally Posted by mohammad111 View Post

      I am in US and I got one for $100 but it was for new accounts so I couldn't use it.
      Same, I gave mine away to someone else who could benefit from it.

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    Yeah! I got one for £75 :-)

    Thanks google!
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      I got one too this morning!
      After reading all the small print you need a new account,but if you already have an account that you have not used yet then you have to activate it with £5.00

      Which is still very good

      Only problem i have is what to use it for?

      I could just build a wordpress niche site and use it to start building a list?

      Not sure.
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        Lots of them sent out today, conditions clearly state that it is for new accounts but even if you open one its still only a fiver. Do Googles terms allow you more than one account?
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          Got my £75 voucher today - all signed up, works a treat - Thanks Google!

          If you already have an Adwords account, try setting one up with an email address thats not already on your google account and you should be fine.

          When you set-up the billing information your account actually gets credited with £80!

          £5 to cover the set-up / activation fee that gets taken from your credit card and £75 to spend on advertising. Great deal
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    i also got one through the post to day.

    i think i will use it to fund some CPA testing or something.

    ill try £10 for each offer giving me 8 chances then ill continue with my own money if its profitable
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    Google continues to be Sharing ongoing related Google Presents as posted awhile back and is being very nice about using and spending them on multiple accounts! Very intriguing never the less...

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        Originally Posted by Sin Nomine View Post

        They sent me a email for a $100 to try Adwords, but they sent it to the wrong email address which had nothing to do with my account I had created with Google and of course I never check that email address. And I found it 3 days later after it had expired.....
        That was a bummer. We received ours through the post via snail mail

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    Gez I would love to get one of those lol I am surprised they dont do it more often as well as companies like yahoo and bing
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