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Ok. I have a question. Rule of thumb is to build backlinks slow and steady or whatever. To make it look more natural or else you run the chance of your site getting "sandboxed". However, if google is indexing our backlinks at different times (sometimes a couple days, sometimes a couple weeks/months) how can it be so natural?

Two examples....

If I'm doing the slow and steady approach, doing about 50 or so per day... what happens if they index them all on day 80 (i know that's not realistic but i'm just asking)?

Also, if I build 500 backlinks in one day.... google is obviously going to index them all at different times. All 500 backlinks will not be indexed at the same time.

So how is it possible to "look" natural to google? I don't even worry about the amount of backlinks I do per day like I used to. I focus more on the backlinks I build to be diverse. Am I wrong? Should I still be building links gradually?
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      Originally Posted by travisman View Post

      Yes it is. It all depends on your backlinks. Just one could shoot you up to the top it all depends. You could even have 700 backlinks and still sitting in the same position you are now.

      Correct they do come in a different times but it is very obvious when someone spams it.

      Even if your website gets sandboxed.. it will only be for a week or two.
      Agreed. Even if your website gets sandboxed for a week or two, possibly your webpage will back with higher ranking because of backlinks that u built previously.
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    What is natural, anyway?

    When a story goes viral and gets thousands upon thousands of links, is that natural?

    There is no "natural". Things happen at varying paces.
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    I say to just build as fast you possibly can. Sandboxing is temporary and SEO is a long term strategy. Google cannot and does not find all your links at once, if ever.
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