What is your favorite tool to check your rankings in Google?

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I've test quite a few an honestly each one tells me something different. One day I'm in 33rd position and the next I'm 2nd. Hell on different tools I can get total different results than other tools...so....

What's your favorite tool to use to check your Google rankings for your keywords? other than scrolling through each page.
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      I use Traffic Travis too. It is really good I would suggest you to check it out and it is free.
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    I like Rank Tracker within the SEO Powersuite of programs.
    You can download all those for free. (includes SEO Spyglass which is great)
    You have to enter the keyword you are interested in for Rank Tracker. I know some others will search for keywords you rank for on their own.
    Overall I find it pretty accurate and it searches other search engines as well as Google.
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    I just go to Yahoo and type link:[url]

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    There's a real simple little Firefox add-on called Rank Checker. Makes it real easy to check a domain and different keywords for PR. It also shows you Yahoo PR and even can find international google ranks. nifty lil tool

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    I have basically used several tools to check my ranking in Google and each one of them gives different results so I stopped using any of them. I just occasionally search the keyword that I am using and if I can't see my site on the first page then I know my site is on the next page or maybe on the last page.
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    You can use Google Webmaster Tool, though it has only the most searched rankings.
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    If you have a lot of sites to track, Market Samurai has a FAB feature to check your rankings.

    Worth the price just for their rank checker, IMO.

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    I use MS rank tracker to monitor on main keywords that I am optimizing my site for.
    It has been pretty accurate on both Google and Yahoo so far...
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    SEO Elite. I only use iot for checing rankings, the good thing is you can check where you rank for most countries.


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    The reason you're getting different results is because Google has multiple servers all over the place, and the tool you use may be getting their data from a different server then your home computer.

    To answer your question, I use RankChecker which you can get for free at SEOBook. In fact, I get most of my SEO tools from SEOBook and SEOMunchies.
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    use seo rankchecker from seobook =)
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    I like the Rank Checker plugin for Firefox as well. Easy to use and can check multiple keywords for a domain.
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  • You can use some of these tools:

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    From the wording of his initial post, I don't think simpleonline wants to check pagerank - he wants to check where his stuff shows up in a Google search for a keyword phrase.
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    The tool that I use is SEO for firefox - it checks everything your Google pagerank, pagelinks, alexa, edulinks, age, dmoz and much more....
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