Here's a list of 18 *fast* RSS directories (easy backlinks)

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Fellow Warriors,

Decided to post a list of RSS directories
I use to promote and index my posts, pages
and even profile backlinks...

Why "fast"??

Because... all directories below
do NOT require you to register!

Just open each in a separate browser tab, paste your
rss feed and hit submit. Should take you few minutes
but it's worth it :-)

(For ease of use, all links will take you
straight to the submit-rss-page. Hope that helps...)
  1. Feedbase
  2. Golden RSS Feed
  3. LeighRSS
  4. Feedsee
  5. FeedPlex
  6. Plazoo
  7. Sourcforge
  8. ASP Index
  9. DevASP
  10. 4 Guys From Rolla
  11. RSS Network
  12. WeBlogAlot
  13. RSSknip - (see bottom of page for submission)
  14. IceRocket
  15. FyberSearch
  16. News Feed Directories
  17. Read A Blog
  18. RSSMountain

And this is a good one, but you need to register:
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