Help.... Have I been Kicked out of google ?

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How do you know if you've been kicked out of google.?
My site had been indexed about 2 weeks ago now when I check to see if it's been indexed says no search results have been found!
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    How old is your site? Early on in marketing sometimes the "google dance" can actually make it appear as though you have been deindexed when really you are just in being juggled by google's algorithms. I normally advise my clients to give it a week after seemingly being deindexed to determine whether you were truly deindexed. Worst case scenario if you were actually deindexed, you can apply for reconsideration here Requesting reconsideration of your site - Webmaster Tools Help
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    site is about 1 month old...
    content is being updated approx twice a week
    been spending time generating back links only showing 4 on yahoo site explorer....

    I'm not sure will just have to wait and see what happens....?
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    Don't worry about it to much, it's pretty hard to get sandboxed unless you just go completely insane with links on a brand new domain name. If you haven't done anything crazy it's probably just a dance.

    The dance is becoming more common and I've noticed that when my niche websites come back from a dance they are usually stronger then before. Again, if you've done way too many links too fast with a new domain name this is common.

    Google wants to know where these links are coming from, why are they so fast, is this consistent, and all sorts of things before it can begin trusting you. Think of it as a relationship and this should make more sense.
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