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Not sure where to post this, but I figured somewhere on WF would be good.

The community here really seems to know what they're doing! :-)

I've messed with PPC, PPV and CPA programs - done alright.

In the meantime, though, I've put a ton of real money into a premium women's site - fresh, unique content and a great traffic deal with a major portal.

Site URL is about 1.5 years old, site itself has been up only a month.

Terrific traffic from our portal partner, but little organic search.

I have a full-time staffmember who can be instructed in what links to place, where to place articles, etc. I can also do quite a bit myself.

I've decided that rather than hire a complete SEO firm, I'd prefer an experienced coach. We do have time and resources - we just don't know what we're doing in SEO. We have about 90 premium articles/month being written, and they're intended to be on keyword-rich topics. I'm just concerned that a portion of this budget is probably being wasted because we don't really know what we're doing in off-page SEO.

Site is in Drupal.

Not interested in any SEO techniques that result in traffic that a premium advertiser would not pay for.

Happy to share the site URL in PMs.
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    I have sent you PM
    I will promote your business to my 100,000 members for free. Find out more
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    I'd like to give you a little bit of advice for free which can go a long way. If you still need more specific help with the URL shoot me a PM and maybe I can be of some help.

    Whenever I get a new SEO client I do these four steps and they've never failed me:

    1) Figure out which keywords you want to rank by doing keyword research. A combination of how much traffic you'll get, how hard is it to rank for, and how related it is to your product/service.

    2) Figure out the competition's strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has some holes in their strategy and you can leverage those to your advantage. It's just a matter of figuring out the weak link and then using your resources to beat them out.

    3) Keep building links and optimizing your on-page structure and soon enough your rankings will start showing up. Keep rinsing and repeating quality links consistently and rankings keep going up.

    4) Measure and adjust according to data and feedback you've received from your efforts.

    With enough time, effort, and energy you can outrank the best optimized sites by having the right strategy in place. Having done it hundreds of times in hundreds of niches, I've seen speedy rankings happen on a consistent basis.

    If you'd like some more help, send me a PM with your URL and what you've done so far. Maybe I can be of some assistance. Good luck.
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    Didn't get your PM - perhaps try again.

    This is a serious gig - please be prepared to provide examples of your work and references.

    If it looks good, I'll check three references and do a telephone interview with you.

    It's totally fine if you live anywhere in the world, but the site is in Canada and so it would help to have some knowledge of SEO in Canada or the UK. The rules seem to be slightly different.
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    I can't send PM cos I don't have 50 posts! can't believe. I can show you my work... My site is on 1st place (not page) on Google for keyword "resell rights".. you can contact my through that site
    I will promote your business to my 100,000 members for free. Find out more
    Find out more
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      *lol* - me, neither!

      Didn't think of that.

      Have to spend the day posting to stuff, I guess - can't even reply to PMs.
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        I realize this post is 12 months old, but if you still require any SEO assistance, I have a number of client case studies I can share with you.

        You can contact me via the site in m signature.

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          I also realize this is an old post, but if you ARE still looking, please consider me as well. I have some high end experience with big organizations and if I am not the perfect fit for you then I am sure one of our other professionals can help you instead.

          SEO Coaches for Hire
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