Here's How to Get $200 in Microsoft (Bing) AdCenter Credit!

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This only works for new advertisers, so if you've been contemplating using Microsofts AdCenter for PPC lately, now is your chance.

Here's What to Do (By the way - I'm copying and pasting this from the website where I first heard about this):

Kevin Lee and Catherine Seda, two search engine marketing experts, have written a well received book on Search Engine Marketing. In the back of this book, Search Engine Advertising, there is a promotional code that can be redeemed on Kevin Lee's website.

The deal is, you must purchase this book to receive your promotional code. We called our local Barnes & Noble and had them hold us a copy. Once we purchased the book the promotional code was in the back as explained.

When you take the promotional code from the back of the book you'll head over to a page on Kevin's site where you will fill out a short form requesting information such as first and last name, company name, title, email, website url, and whether or not you already do search engine marketing. Once this email is sent off you'll receive a return email within a couple days. (As a side note we received our return email in a little over 24 hrs.) We signed up on a Sunday and received the return email on a Monday.
From there you will take the code in your return email and signup for a Microsoft AdCenter account.

So What Will It Cost You
  • In order to redeem your $200 you'll need to purchase the Search Engine Advertising book by Kevin Lee and Catherine Seda . Our purchase at the local Barnes & Noble was about $13 (New). You obviously are not required to keep the book if you don't find value in what is covered.
  • Microsoft Advertising Center has a one-time nonrefundable sign up fee of $5.00.
  • That's it!

Important Terms & Conditions
  • This is available to United States subscribers only
  • The offer expires June 30, 2010 (midnight Pacific Time)
  • This offer is for new adCenter advertiser only
  • You have 90 days to use the entire credit or it will expire
  • Limit is one ad credit per customer
  • Must bid a minimum of .05 cents
Sorry, but I don't have enough posts or I would give you the link to the website where I found out about this. So I put in the text below and you'll have to copy and paste it into your web browser. (Make sure to remove the spaces)

freebiebizworld . com/2009/12/27/free-200-ad-credit-for-new-bing-subscribers/
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    I see on the website that they extended the offer through June 30, 2011

    I see they have a Kindle version on Amazon (I don't have a Kindle, but could use Kindle for the PC). If the coupon code on that works, that would be the fastest way to get started.

    When I try it, I'll submit an update.

    2 hours + $50 = 1 full 40 hour work week -
    How does that work? With Cloning of course. Watch the free videos at the url above.

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    Thanks for the ad credit info
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  • Profile picture of the author blac6789
    Anyone know of any new offers for 2012 for Bing? The normal offers I see are for $50. Would be nice to get $200 instead of $50.
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      Originally Posted by blac6789 View Post

      Anyone know of any new offers for 2012 for Bing? The normal offers I see are for $50. Would be nice to get $200 instead of $50.
      Ditto, would love to try this out ASAP.
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    Any update on whether this offer is valid in 2012?
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      pm me.. if still available
      Originally Posted by adcentercoupon View Post

      I am selling $300 Balance MSN Adcenter Account at $50 USD.

      PM me or contact me at Skype ---> adcentercoupon
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    I just emailed Kevin and this has been extended until June 30, 2012. He just emailed me my code and I just signed up for adCenter! How sweet is that?
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    SCAM- Don't buy account from adcentercoupon
    I bought 2 account from him that dint's work
    and when I get back with him he block me from skipe

    save your money
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    I bought the Kindle version and can't find the code anywhere. Can someone please help me?
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    Has anyone tested this system this year?
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  • Profile picture of the author The Black Hand
    YES this DOES WORK!!
    See proof below.
    I just received the coupon code which is located within the book (purchased in NOVEMBER 2013).

    I had tried a bunch of other people online claiming to have vouchers but they ended up being scammers.

    FYI, I bought the book on Amazon (get it new, as I imagine a used book has the used coupon code)...

    The book cost me $27.95 and the $200 AdCenter credit lasts 90 days.

    I had them even RENEW the coupon because I waited more than 90 days to use it.

    This coupon has allowed me to get started on bing and get familiar with their platform.

    Already getting targeted clicks for $0.05, and improving...

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    Just got my book in the mail. Do I need to contact the seller of the book or just enter the code into Bing when signing up?
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