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I'm a little new to seo, and I was wondering if the way I end my front page matters. Right now, I externally link to my site with .com, but my internal links on my site are all .com/index.htm. I also noticed that when I go to my site at .com, it automatically goes to .com/

I'm a little puzzled by all these endings. Is this relevant to SEO? Should I be trying to harmonizing them?
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    From an SEO perspective, what matters is the same string is delivered each time. I think .com and .com/ is consider the same, as in root. But if you have .com/ and .com/index.html that could be a problem as it may show up as two distinct pages. Use rewriting to ensure you have consistency.
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    Best to build links to bluewidget.com rather than bluewidget.com/index.htm, for consistency. Also, most people type in bluewidget.com, not other version.

    If your site is hosted on an Apache, modify the .htaccess file, so that the home page is bluewidget.com.
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      Thank you. I think I understand. I'll change my internal links to href="/". That seems like the right idea.

      My main page is an index.htm page, though. Is that okay? Or should I title it something else if I'm not going to link to it under that name.
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