(ask) website with 5000UV/day earns $10-15/day is that normal?

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hi guys..im new here..id like to ask you about my income adsense..
i get daily more than 200clicks..but i only earn no more than 15$/day.
my traffic is huge for a site that just 2 weeks officialy launched.
my question is,.what should i change/add to get good rate CPM..so that i will get more $$ per click.

thank you so much for any advice and comment..

my website is..smsflick[dot]com
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    You can look into doing affiliate
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      Congrats on getting such great traffic so soon after launch.

      You apparently have a site where the bidding price for the Adsense ads is very low. To make the money you are making means that you are getting less than 10 cents for each click.

      Your CTR is on the low side. It could be because of ad placement and type. When I went to the site I saw a one add block from Adsense that was in a language other than English. The other Adsense block only had one picture ad in the block. This drastically reduces the options for the user to click on.

      With that said, $15 a day is great for one Adsense site. Many people look to volume to compound their Adsense income. If you can repeat that success with another site, you increase your income.


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    Let me tell you that you have to be happy with you unique visitors for a 2 weeks website.
    Like Ladylo8 said your CTR is on the low side. Make 10 more sites like that and you will be making $150 a day.

    I am not judged by the number of times I fail, but by the number of times I succeed. And the number of times I succeed Is in direct proportion to the number of times I can fail and keep trying.
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    Congratulations! for your daily earning $15 from adsense, if you are getting 200 clicks but could reach only $15, the reason is, the ads displayed in your site, may be low paying ads.

    Analyze you keywords in keyword tool, put articles relating to that, put your site in adsblacklist.com, they will give a 200 low paying site name as a free user, which is extracted from your website(google ads) copy all the site name and paste those site in your adsense competitive ad filter option.

    after one hour, your site will get some decent income for a single click. The above process is allowed in adsense, and it is not violate the terms and conditions of adsense.

    Try it.
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