Why has my Adsense income decreased so much?

by mrmatt
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Hello All,

My Adsense income has decreased significantly.

Over the past few months it increased by about 40% a month each month with out adding any more sites.

Now this month with the same amount of traffic as last month and CTR virtually the same I will only be at about half of where I was last month.

Most of the sites are 5 page sites following xfactor's model.

Any ideas on what is happening?

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    So, what you are saying is that your ecpm has decreased?
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    This may be due to the hotness of the keywords that are in your website, if you have weight loss type niche, it has too much competition, so the ads are displayed in your site,may be low paying ads such as CPC of $0.07-$0.15, after google's payment got from the advertiser, you would be paid for click is,$0.01 and something like that,

    you need to extract the low paying site, so use adsense competitive ad filter in the adsense setup. Then your income would be as usual. Try it.
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    Each advertiser has the right to filter out certain sites that they don't want to advertise on.

    So say advertiser 1 & 2 were paying the highest amount per click for months... then all of the sudden these 2 advertisers look at their placement reports and see they have been seeing a lot of clicks coming from your pages but not converting.

    They then add your url to their list of sites not to display ads on... leaving these spaces open to the next 2 advertisers which were paying lower amounts along with 2 more new advertisers also paying even lower amounts. This could be some of the reason for lower ECPM's.

    It could also be just a adjustment by Google using their smart pricing system which is lowering the payments based on numerous factors beyong your control.

    I've had sites go up and down quite a bit with ECPM's from day-to-day or from month to month.

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      My sites are fluctuating a bit this month, too. However, I suspect these are seasonal fluctuations - people are browsing as opposed to buying, so they're less apt to click on ads, affiliate offers, etc.

      Also, with the busy Christmas season behind us, advertisers are likely paying less now per click, as they, too, are expecting more browsing and less buying.


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    sounds like smartpricing may be affecting your adsense account.
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    Been there several times, usually after major dips I've always seen my earnings come back stronger than ever (knock on wood) I too rely on the internet as my only source of income.
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