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Hey Warriors, I'm still pretty new to this affiliate marketing but have been experimenting with SEO'ing some niches and made it to second page on Google for several of my sites and several first page rankings, including two number one rankings, on Yahoo but I'm not seeing any traffic coming through. These niches have from 5,000 to 15,000 google searches a month, Anyone have any idea why I'm not seeing any traffic? Is there a setting that I possibly don't know about that's preventing something? It's only been a few days since we started getting ranked, so is it possible this just takes time? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    I have found that Yahoo traffic is a least one-tenth of google traffic assuming the ranking is equal. But seeing you got the ranking that shows you did something right, so keep up the good work on google or on other terms.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
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        How are you determinging there is no traffic? Seems like you would have at least a few visits for the number one positions

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          rank checker tool says we're number 1 and if i search on yahoo for my keyphrase i can see my site sitting at number 1.
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            sorry, answered wrong question, haha, i'm monitoring traffic through hostgator
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    Google is still king - I would optimize for them until someone else pushes G out of the way - which will be a long time from now.

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      The only other piece you haven't talked about is whether your link looks interesting. If it's not, very few will click on it. The link presented is usually a combination of your page title, and your description or some of your content.


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    Where did you get the information - 5,000 to 15,000 google searches a month?

    If you used the G Keyword Tool - Did you choose exact or broad in the keyword tool?

    Were you signed in to your Google account when you checked your page rank?

    These things will effect your position and number of traffic.
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      The traffic numbers came from a program that takes them directly from Google, MicroNiche Finder, I've checked their numbers against Google Keyword Tool and they are the same. Yes, I was signed into my Google account when I checked my page rank, would that effect it, the rank checker program in particular? Thanks to everyone for their comments, I've tried to model the link after an adwords ad, maximizing all three lines with good copy and little fluff. Anyway, thanks again and things will hopefully pick up.
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        Then the obvious question is that does the keyword really have the traffic you stated?

        You will need to find out if there are people searching for that term in Google, by using Adwords and making sure that you are in the last few ad position, so that you do not incur any click cost.

        What I am suggesting here is that if there are a lot of impressions for that keyword in Google, then its a good keyword to target in.

        Do this for a week, then you will see if its good to go in.
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    I'm completely ignoring Yahoo! now. I've been number one for numerous keywords in different niches and the traffic is soooo insignificant.

    I do SEO for various clients and when I refer to getting them ranked, I tell them Google... period!
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      Thanks Hommi, I suppose I'm going to do the same and expect little or nothing from Yahoo, I've gotten a little traffic from them but some of my sites are getting more traffic from page 3 on google than first position on page 1 of yahoo. Thanks again.
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    Google rules when it comes search. Yahoo is second and Bing is a distant third. I think the main focus should be Google. Yahoo is incidental as well as Bing.
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    Dear, its quite amazing that your rankings are absolutely superb and your these sites have almost zero rankings. I have not yet faced such kind of problem.
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    well check the keyword with "Exact" matches under google. seeing how google gets about 9/10 of the search engine say yahoo gets MAYBE 1/15 of those total searches. take that number divide it by 30 (number of days in a month) and you will find out that #1 on yahoo for you keyword probably gets crap for searches.
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    I would say the easiest way is to run a ppc on yahoo to test out search term. some stuff i realize about yahoo is the way in which they show result differ from google thus i am beginning to doubt google keyword tool is a good indicator of search volume
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      Originally Posted by babywarrior View Post

      i am beginning to doubt google keyword tool is a good indicator of search volume
      It's not. It's designed for Adwords advertisers.
      Search volume includes ALL of their Search Partners, not just Google.
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