Anyone use Angelas backlinks/linking loophole?

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I had a question if you do use linking loophole....Its pretty straight forward but, for Peter Drews linking come he only has lets say an average 10 out of the 30 backlinks angela provides in his program per month? Thanks in advance.
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    I used to use it for a little while. I found that my sites would jump in ranking for a day or so and then drop back off. For me the links didn't stick too well.

    Hope this helps

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    Its like many other backlinking strategies. You need patience to see the full effects of your efforts
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    When I start using profile links again, I plan to find someone with a private list of sites so they aren't so ravaged with links (meaning the admins remove your profiles more often).
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      Im not really asking if they work i was just wondering why peter drews program only has a select few of them linked in with his program
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    I am brand new to this and know very little about it so....

    my observation is that sites IN angela's backlinks and not in linking loophole don't lend themselves to automation.

    Just what it looks like to me,
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    I am a subscriber of Linkloophole for many months, although to be honest haven't notice any vast improvements.

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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        In my experience, use SENuke and scrapebox and the rest do manually(you can outsource but manually)
        It works best for me.
        Internet marketing.
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    i just signed up there where 100 links, others are selling packets here consisting of 400 links monthly for 5 or 10 bucks.

    i dont see how he got the results for terms like twitter marketing software with 100 profile links pumped a few times
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