My sites are keep showing up first page on google

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Everytime I search the keyword terms of each site,my sites are keep showing up first page on google.

I know,they are not on the first page of google.

I don't know what the problem is...How can I fix this?

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    its something google does to tailor the search results for individual users.

    You visit your sites often from the search results, so therefor google thinks they are better suited for you.

    No way to avoid this that I know of.
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    This is probably what people were saying about the localized results. Google remembers your personal searches and preferences and shows them to you. Its probably bcoz your still logged into one of your google accounts (gmail, orkut,etc).
    Log out of all this, clear cookies and try again. This should probably take care of it. Else just try searching using proxy to see your real results.
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    did that help, did the results come right?
    I hope your sites do actually stay on the front page on all real searches...
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      I logged out from google account,but they are still showing up...


      UPDATE:After I cleared up cookies,my site are no longer showing up. I guess problem solved!

      Thanks again to glaxxon and GamedayChamp
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        Try clearing your cookies.
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          This is as a result of personalized search. Instead of need to log out everytime, clearing cookies etc, you can add &pws=0 to the end of the search URL and you will have original results. Hope it helps..

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    I think this will have something to do with the Behavioural Software that will be implemented by google. As daniel said above, the search engine has become to know you and thinks these results are better suited to you!

    Cookie Clearing should do the trick!

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    if you look carefully on a Google results page that does this you will find a small section of text where it says the search was personalized. It also has a link to disable this feature.
    It is a bit hard to find and easy to overlook but it is there.

    yes, I am....

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