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i have found some keywords with phrase match that have very very little comp... but in broad rang have millions that none are actually optimized for it..... is it still easy to rank.. i have never used the seo before and have learned alot from seo method and take over page one but want to know if phrase match is really that important.... i use market samarui... pard spelling... and it says im doing good but i just dont know if i can rank in 100 millions or just 1 million broad even if phrase says under 10?
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  • Do a little further research using allintitle and allinachor and see if you can narrow it down.

    Your competition is not revealed by keyword occurrences... it's revealed by those who are actually using the phrase specifically.

    Then your real competition is the first 3-5 results for that keyword phrase. Page 2 doesn't matter. People search... look at the "above the fold" entries. Then if they don't find what they want they research. Crazy methodology but that's what people do.
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      im not 100 percent sure what u mean..or how to do that rather... market samurai does give u ttitles... but not anchor... what code would i use to see anchors if my word would be basketball drills? ps i did try allinanchor thing with the word and it came up to about 2k comp.... only 1 i looked at in first 2 pages were on first page of broad but i dont know if i did it right... thanks for all the info so far!!!
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    Make sure to change the "broad" drop down menu to "exact" to monitor actual searches for those keywords as well. Sometimes you'll find a keyword or string with hundreds of thousands of "broad" matches but only 50 exact matches, you don't want this. I learned this lesson the hard way about a year ago!

    -Safe Travels
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