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The easy and effective way to get High PR backlinks.

is to spy on your competition and see who is linking to them. and do better. here is how to do it.

find a domain that rank high with google for your term, copy the domain

now go to this backlinks checker tool (Backlinks Checker Tool | Free Backlinks tool with PR of each Backlink) and past the domain, hit check.

it will give you the pages that links to that domain with the PR of each page.

visit each page that have a PR 1 or higher (there will be thousands of PR0, that comes from articles and directories) if the page is a blog post, article, video, profile page or forum post. Submit a comment and get a backlink from that page.

if not try to figure out how your competitor gut that link and do the same to get one, like contacting the webmaster.

This way you are getting good quality backlinks.

It does not matter if those links are dofollow or not, the fact that this domain rank high on Google because of those links is enough.

Find out the highest number of PR0 where it comes from ( I am almost sure it will be an article directory, so try to do the same).

do this research for at least 3 domains and get the higher number of backlinks you can.

This way you will be sure that you will eventually do better than any of those domain.

Good luck
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