Google has been CRAZY this past week!

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Has anyone else noticed the ridiculous amount of indexing then deindexing of their pages with google this week?

ive had 5 pages that have all been ranking really well then de-indexed for a day then re-indexed the next.
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    I've noticed it as well. I have many affiliates that have pages that are all over the place lately. One day my sales will be off the charts, and then the next they'll be practically non existent.
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      Google is ramping up the change to caffeine see my sig file for a free report
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    Google tends to be pretty jittery when it comes to indexing anyways especially if the keyword isn't something getting a ridiculous amount of traffic
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    I've seen crazy changes in index numbers/index delays since the start of March.
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    I too have noticed these changes. One day 100's of pages are indexed, the next, only 50 or so. But, my big keywords are still doing well.

    Nothing too extreme yet.

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    I really don't have a clue what Google's doing over a few days... I used to try and figure it out but I gave up on that. All you need to know is what seems to work for most people over the medium to long run and not pay too much attention to short term results as these are completely out of control imo.
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      yeah, unfortanetly I'm working on a seasonal keyword so I'm doing my best to please the big G
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    Yep, just yesterday my relatively new site was at #98(hovering between 110-140) for its keyword over the past 3 weeks or so. When I was about to pat myself on the back for getting into the top 100, the site disappears altogether! LOL!!!
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    I monitor my traffic from Google almost daily and it has not changed for the past several weeks. Perhaps this change is being experienced only in one country, USA?
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    The same thing happened to me. I had a 3 week old site at #10 already bringing good traffic and suddenly it just disappeared. I was pounding my head thinking I did something wrong, so I'm relieved that I'm not the only one.
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    absolutely my indexing has been out of wack the past 2 weeks....also taking longer.
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    i've realized this for the month of feb. with a couple of listings i had for some long tail phrases..... the Big "G" is always changing
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    I think google is usually like that for my websites at the beginning of every month, though it can be google caffeine affecting your websites.
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    The only thing I have noticed recently, is my main site is gradually climbing the ranks on page 2 for my main keywords & page 1 for secondary keywords.

    Keep upthe good work G that's what I say lol
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