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OK i need opinions

Am I better off with 1 mega site with several categories or multiple niche sites

My main revenue will come from adsense and clickbank
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    I think 1 Mega site would be better than multiple small sites
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    What I find with multiple sites is they are hard to maintain constantly though, George Brown appears to have blown that theory out of the water with single page blogs highly targeted to a particular keyword and clusters of associated keywords.

    I think the trend will be towards concentrating on one good site then 10 or 100 small ones, a lot depends on your own ambitions and what you want to acheive in time.

    Many what I call quick hit sites are here today gone tomorrow and the profit goes with them..if your taking a long term build a business view then IMO one good site where you can get a high page rank should be more valuable in the long run.

    If your main theme for example was selling paint then it is not rocket science to add selling paint brushes, ladders and other associated items and build up over time.

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  • I would go for several large sites. Pick a very broad niche, like health. There is a lot to write about health. Start with 1 website, make 20 pages of content and lots of backlinks. If you reach PR 1-2 start another site also health related and relevant to the first site and use a sidebar link to the first site. Make lots of backlinks again and so on. Regularily update your site with new content and keep building links for all of them. If you reach 10 sites each site could have up to 10 PR 1-2-3 backlinks on dozens or hundreds of content pages and a lot of other, probably less valuable links. That should do it. You could quite easily rank for new content.

    This is of course a long term project.
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    1 mega site and several sites with your keywords in the domain..........

    Good Luck
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      It depends on yourself and the keyword phrases you are targeting. Niche sites would be a lot easier to rank if you pick relatively low competition with decent searches. If you do it right having many of these small niches could generate you quite a decent amount of adsense income. A mega site on the other hand would have tough competition so getting to Google's page one for good competitive keywords will take some time.
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    richr7az im same as your situation and im planning to have both the mega site for long term then the micro for quick buckz.

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    I am also in the same situation too. I am planning to build multiple sites with main income coming from eBay affiliate, clickbank and adsense. My structure is to build up to 50 sites by end of 2010 or mid 2011 and further develop those with potential. In the mean time, I may have to drop those that does not perform...

    Was wondering, is it possible to create a system around this business model?
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    I recommend doing both. Slowly create a mega site and while you do that create several small sites.

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    I would go for 1 super optimized Mega site...If I wanna monetize using Adsense a forum with Vbulletin script is great..self growing content,,,list of members ..All you have to do is promote the site harder in first 3 months,,,then it'll run completely autopilot when u select few volunteer moderators..Just my 2 centz...which worked at least for me
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    I am in the same position and have the same question..
    From the posted comments, both mini sites and mega sites will work - just depends on what your long term plan is.

    In my plan, I have decided to start with a lot of mini sites and then later, consider a mega site.

    I plan to create 50 mini sites, each tightly targeted to 1 keyword with groups of 3-5 sites based on the same theme.

    Along the way, I may take some of the better performing ones and slowly grow them into mega sites.

    That way I won't commit to building a Mega site right off the bat without knowing if the keyword/theme is profitable.
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    I recommend you start off with multiple mini sites to see what works, what gets traffic and makes money. Once you've established what works, expand that mini site into a bigger one. Try to rank for more keywords and just go broader with the niche. I've done it, and it can be quite profitable if you do the expansion right. Just try not to change too much about the mini site when expanding as that might cause it to perform a little worse. I've experienced that, too.
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      One big site if you want to save you some headaches, expenses and possibly giving up IM out of being overwhelmed and frustration. Mini-sites are not good long term. Google one day will blow them out of the water in favor of bigger sites; It's common sense. They are already doing it. These sites don't grow, are not paid full attention, and are full of affiliate links or Adsense. A big site is better in my opinion. Actually a few big sites are better; not too many that they become unmanageable though.
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    There are several ways you can attack it. If you are new to AdSense or SEM then you will need to spend some time learning the ropes. You will have to experiement as you will have failures.

    Plan your sites with expansion in mind but don't overload them with content. 10 - 20 pages is a good starting point. Keep creating these sites until you start to see the successful ones and you have learnt your limits in competition. Your keyword research and selection will become more refined with the more sites you build.

    Once you know what works you can start expanding on the successful sites and follow this model from then on. Once you are more confindent on what does and doesn't work you can concentrate on authority sites.

    You can also add satellite sites to these authority sites which are smaller more specific sites. Ideally you will be able to place these on other servers or you can utilise 3rd party services such as the web 2.0 social networking sites (think squidoo, hubpages, article directories, wordpress mu).

    These sites will generate both traffic and quality backlinks to the authority site. They will also allow you to do the micro site with exact domain name match methods.

    The benefit of a large site is that it already has gained trust and authority so adding new content will get an initial boost over a fresh domain. The internal link structure will also give it some link-juice to start the ball rolling. You can monetise it in various ways and you can convert it over to a site that people will want to return to in the future.
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      I can not really tell you which is better way to go, many small sites or one big site.

      I think it depends on what type of person you are.
      From my personal experience I have found it easier If I concentrate on one project.

      I have dropped all my small sites and only work on one project now and it helps me to be more focused and organized. And it does feel like that I ma building something with value in the long run.
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    i just what i observed there is lots of small site has been for sale.
    is micro niche is not working anymore?can anyone clarify these to avoid
    loss of money maybe ill be focusing in just one big site.

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    It is always better to have a 1 mega site instead of a multiple niche sites because multiple sites will get hard to maintain, like their monthly or yearly hosting fees and many other things if you go with option one to have one mega site it will be good..
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