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I am no expert at internet marketing but I know my way around the business and I know there isn't any easy solution to social bookmarking.

People who are complaining about not getting any traffic after using software like Boomarking Demon or Social Bot...maybe your websites aren't what people want to see? If you don't have an a good looking or interesting site, of course you won't get any good traffic. That's not the softwares fault.

Also if your backlinks aren't being indexed by Google or the other search engines, you won't see any improvements on your link quantity and therefore, no improvements in traffic.

You need to make sure the pages you are submitting your links to are being pinged. I believe SEO Nuke does this but I can't justify the high subscription fee. For that kind of money, you could just hire an outsourcer to do all this work manually which if you find the right person (and I emphasize the word if), is a much better option.

Problem with us all is we look for the easy solution to all these time consuming tasks involved with SEO and marketing, and then become disillusioned when these solutions don't produce the results we expect. I believe some of these software solutions over promise to draw in customers which is a shame.

Bottom line is for me... all this works takes time. You can either do it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you. Catch 22.
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    In generally a lot of people simply don't now how to use software's. A lot of them using to make spam, and wondering why they can't see some benefit.
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  • Like alcohol do it in moderation.

    Too many people want results right now. They rush out and buy auto this or that. They try and sqeeze as many links as possible into a post or comment.

    I build for the long haul. Target specific phrases. Build only on the Top Networks/Sites. And then I seed slowly as I participate.

    And it works... but it doesn't work fast.

    I'm building a brand name site on MySpace... been 3 years now... continues to work. I am building a brand on Youtube... been 2 years now. Add a little content every couple of weeks. Over time you build your exposure and your brand. People recognize stability as trust.

    While I have a lot of sites... I'm not the guy who is going to build 250 sites and try and make a buck of off each. If I can't make simple niche site pull $20 a day I feel I am not doing it right. I know that what matters is you find a method that works for you and replicate it. And for me it's high authority, high trust, high commissions, and brand respect.

    I don't want to do this forever. I want to build up the brand until it's worth what I need to sell it all and just walk away into the sunset. Will get there. In the meantime I like to live well.
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      Originally Posted by InternetMarketingIQ View Post

      Too many people want results right now.

      Exactly, i really don't now why, because i think there will be much more benefits if you working slowly with some strategy.
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    I think it only works if you get a group of ppl following you in a Social BM site like SU. I rarely use these site - and if I do - I use Digg. It indexed very quickly (but drops like a rock in the SERPs after it gets indexed).
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    If you go bookmarking with high PR and traffic sites, you will get some instant traffic and also good link juice..mostly i will use these things for link building purposes..
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