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Background: I'm making my first site... following the advice of 'Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate' and concentrating primarily on visitor experience. I've already created what in my opinion is good, targeted, content.

What I've been putting off is the domain name. Now that time has come, and before I pour the next few weeks into marketing the hell out of this site, I want to make sure that I don't start off by screwing myself with an non-efficient domain name.

For the best keywords in the niche, pretty much everything is taken (Besides little-used variations like .biz). I have come up with one very catchy domain name in particular though, which does have A keyword in it (just not the best one), and am wondering...

Is the domain name vitally important for placing for keywords? So vitally important that if you have to choose between a keyworded domain or a domain that sounds nice, you'd choose the keyworded one?

Is the domain name of minor consequence compared to other factors like title and content? Or does it not matter at all?

Since its just going to be a 20-30 page minisite (ala Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate), initial high search engine placement is more important to me than branding, I think.

Any help is appreciated...
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    Hmm.. I'm trying to think of a popular keyword as an example..

    Let's use Make Money Online.. and Affiliate Marketing.

    MMO 5 of 10 have Make Money in the domain
    AM 7 of 10 have Affliate.. I think like 4 of 10 have Affliate Marketing.

    I personally try to have all the keywords I'm aiming for in my domain name..

    If you can't get the check my thread

    The BADASS Report talks about domains.. worth the money IMO

    In another thread..

    Originally Posted by USEO View Post

    Re: Best ways to optmise my website for SEO?

    Hi Sean,

    1. Have good content

    2. Make a list of your top 5 keywords/phrases (to begin)

    3. Create a page for each of these keywords (use the keyword in the page-names.html)

    Cheers Aaron
    There was ten steps in all..
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    I'll say that not having my top keywords in my domain is something I've always regretted. That said, the impact of placing them in the url of the page names was huge (we did it about a year ago).
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    thanks A LOT sweeney

    and thanks to you too marksmatter, that didnt even occur to me. ive gone and changed all my page file names now, so yeah thanks
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    This is just anecdotal, but it sure seems to me that having a keyword encrusted domain is helpful. I have and it has been number 1 & 2 (and frequently 3 & 4, too) for the past year straight for "online ground school".

    I have some other sites with good domains that have quickly risen, too. Now of course there's more to it than that, but the domain definately appears to be a major issue.
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    YES! Get your keywords in the domain name and get a .com

    This makes a big difference.

    Also - don't just buy 1 domain. Buy several all with variants of the keyword in it.

    Then link all your sites together.

    They are so cheap - just do it. It will make a difference.

    You can get them at Hostgator for $15 a year and host as many as you want for about 10 bucks a month.

    Or use doteasy and get 1 for $25 a year.

    Both great hosting sites.
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