Is any one earning by Adsense for domains?

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Hi friends,

I came to know that some of them are making huge income from adsense for domains. I didn't know what is adsense for domains, how it works.

Still I use only search and content for adsense. I don't think this will give that much money. Some one makes $400 from this alone, But he was selling that method in another forum.

I asked you guy, if there is any chance to earn that much from this option. I am having this option idle for so many months. Any suggestions, guidance?

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  • What's your point? You don't know how to make money from Adsense Domains?

    You don't promote parked domains. You need traffic to those dead domains in order to make money.

    So what's the point in trying to develop a dead property?

    People who make money from Adsense for Domains are those who make money buying and selling Domains in volume.
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      Yeah I figured as much. I was tempted to try it,
      but if you are not reselling domains, you need a lot
      of type in traffic. Like misspellings or something. And
      that may violate the TOS of adsense. So, I can't
      see how the average person would make shinola.

      If the domains are dead or nonindexed, they wouldn't
      show up anywhere.

      I suppose one could get a catchy domain, put it up for
      sale in their sig here, get some traffic.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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