Can 1 individual use multiple adwords coupon codes by creating new accounts?

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I just wish to know whether I can use 3 google adwords coupon codes at the same time that I received by email from google by creating new google adwords account.

I have already used 1 coupon code for one adwords account already. I have never done PPC ever. My only adwords account for which I used a coupon code is inactive at the moment with no campaigns running.

I have 3 more coupon codes - 2 for $55 and 1 for $75.

My question is:

Since I have an adwords account but haven't done any campaigns as yet, will the 3 coupon codes work for 3 completely fresh (brand new) adwords accounts?

If yes, I'll send them a draft to get started.

Please let me know if anyone (the same individual) has used multiple coupon codes for new adwords accounts.


Ronak Shah
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