Profile Link Building: Seo Link Dominator VS vBulletin Bot

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With Seo Link Dominator i have more control over inputting information into my profile. This software also has Ping and RSS publishing features. It also helps you to stay organized. This software fills form fields by clicking a button.

With vBulletin Bot you have less control. You cannot upload picture or avatar. You cannot edit some fields of information. You cannot publish RSS feeds with it. But it automatically does all the work for you. It creates signatures and inputs homepage url for backlinks. It is also many times faster than Seo Link Dominator.

Having this in mind, what method of submission do you prefer? Is manual better for appearing less spammy or quantity and speed is more what you prefer?
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    I'd go automatic every time. I've found as long as you leave the link dropping a few days after you've created the profiles, they generally stick. With these types of links it's all about quantity rather than quality, so speed is the most important thing. I've got SEO Link Dominator and uExpress (which is the same as vBulletin bot), and personally found SEO Link Dominator far too slow, for what are, in essence, not the highest quality of links.

    I appreciate that it's probably got a few more feature, but a link is a link, and if I can get a lot of them quickly, then I'll go with that option.
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    This is actually not a very fair comparison seeing as how you can only use VBbot with VB forums. SEOLD can be used for all of your link building. That being said I buy everything p2y makes because I love total automation and he is by far the king when it comes to U-bot IMO. I have bought a few different softwares made with U-bot but he seems to have mastered it and makes quality products with it.

    SEOLD while it is a good product will not make things go that much faster for you if you have not got yourself a good system for using it. I am pretty fast with it now but I think it has a lot to do with understanding all of the forum platforms and how SEOLD works.

    I usually have Scrapebox+EEbot running on one cpu. Scrapebox+VBbot+SEOLD and sometimes BMD running on another.

    I say use both. I personally buy any automated software released that can make link building faster and easier (provided it is quality) and if you can afford to do so I would recommend doing the same.
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    So Embions, are you saying you like/recommend vBulletin Bot? Who's p2y btw?

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      Originally Posted by promo_guy View Post

      So Embions, are you saying you like/recommend vBulletin Bot? Who's p2y btw?

      P2Y is the creator of UExpress.
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