How To Beat The Competition?

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Dear Warriors,

I've been posting quite a few threads with a lot of questions, and this is yet another one. :p

I've found a group of 3,000+ (consistent) keywords with a competition that seems beatable. There are even affiliate programs for exactly these keywords so I am hooked.

I know I will be able to get the website SEO'd and I know how to do all the off-page SEO, but I'm not sure about my competition analysis skills.

Things have changed in the last year and I don't think my methods are spot on anymore. So please share with me how you analyse your competition.

I understand if you'd rather not share this, or only want to PM it.

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    One way to beat the competition is to see what they are offering and then offer something better and unique. If the sites that show up for your keywords look like garbage, then you can easily beat your competition by having a better site with more features and information. Just find out what your competition is doing and do it better and different.
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    You can beat the competition by doing much better than them. You can also know what they are doing to their site for example where they are linking and etc.
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      Thanks for your answers, though it does not answer my 'actual' main question, which is:

      ''How To Analyse the Competition?''

      Maybe I should change the thread title..
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        Originally Posted by Collatio View Post

        Thanks for your answers, though it does not answer my 'actual' main question, which is:

        ''How To Analyse the Competition?''
        In my mind, you have to assume that the competition is trying to do the same as you, whether it's SEO, PPC or whatever else. So there really is no analysis to be done. You should have to try and do better to achieve YOUR goals. Sure, that a peak to see what they're up to. But you know that to get the top organic spot, you need to do on-page and off-page SEO. If you're doing PPC, you bid on keywords that's best for you, not the keywords the competition is using, which should be the same anyway if they know what they're doing. So beat them with better ads. SEO is same: you need to be more attractive with good title and description tags.

        So to echo limochicago, don't analyse. Just be better.
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    Go to Alexa and type in your competition's web address. I believe you should have plenty of information there. Good luck.
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      I understand what you guys are saying, but what I mean is:

      '' How To Know IF you can BEAT the Competition BEFORE starting a website? ''

      -> Keyword Analysis -> Competition Analysis.
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    You can download Traffic Travis (free) and use the SEO Analysis feature to check them out.
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    I would build a list, provide good content and build good relationship to virtually "lock" them in - become your loyal followers! When they like you, trust you, most probably will buy through your recommendation!

    It doesn't matter what other offers, my list seems to agree to what I promote, and I always treat them well, the trust and brand is very important!

    Seems old school tactics but very effective!

    Powerful Indexer That Makes Your Backlinks Count ==> Nuclear Link Indexer

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