I have free adwords coupons but I have a question

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I have got some free adwords coupon codes.

I want to use them and want to know whether 1 person can use them all or I have to use them on names of separate individual's.

Is there a google rule that says a single person cannot use multiple coupon codes?

Has anyone ever used multiple coupon codes?

If yes, how has it been?
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    The coupons are tied to new accounts, and new accounts are usually tied to a unique email/credit card. Focus on getting your campaigns up and running, testing and optimizing. If you do that part right, you won't have to worry about using multiple coupons under the same name.
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    I wanted to know whether 1 individual can use multiple coupon codes for new accounts.

    That's it.

    Can anyone please tell me whether this is allowed?

    I want someone to comment who can definitely confirm a valid answer.
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