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Sometimes . . . for all the banging of your head against the wall, submitting articles, backlinks, anchor links, forum posting - you just need to get the job done properly.

So, I'm looking for any other fellow warriors who can recommend through experience a very good SEO service/company.

Must be effective
Must rank with the keywords I want

Must be credible.

Any suggestions would be great guys
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      I can help you, see my signature or you can see my post here. We do all the hassles for you, we got the links, we got the strategies and we know what Google wants and doesn't want. We don't sell you 15 keywords we know we can get you alot more, try 300 per site, let me know what you think or even if you have any questions ill be available.

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        We also provide you with a monthly report to see all our progress, cancel anytime as well, but none of our clients ever cancel for us not ranking for them, we always have satisfied clients.
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    The first advice is to be VERY careful. The SEO 'Industry' is now awash with people making absurd offers and guarantees. Nobody and I mean NOBODY can guarantee a ranking through the use of sustainable non black hat techniques. Anyone who says they can should be avoided.

    To get a site working and create something that will stand the test of time takes a lot of hard work, unless your niche is wide open and untapped. Because of this companies play on peoples fears and to some extent their greed, people want to believe SEO Co Ltd who promise page one rankings for competitive keywords really have got a silver bullet, they haven't.

    Think about it. If you could fork out a few thousand dollars and create something that was going to generate 1000's of dollars in perpetuity then everyone would be doing it.

    The hard fact is the sites that are beating you have usually had a lot of blood sweat and tears spent on them, not always but usually, and you've got to think smart and beyond link spam and the latest short term SEO tricks to rank ahead of them.

    The advice I give to people I speak to is to apply yourself, stop looking for short cuts and avoid the SEO snake oil salesman like the plague. If you've done some research an established your niche is competitive but the SEO you are speaking to is promising the earth for peanuts don't hire them.

    So far as rates are concerned here in the UK SEO experts cost from £50 / hour for companies and perhaps £25 / hour for a reliable freelancer.

    Hope this helps.

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    I would look at educating yourself on books thru Perry Marshall or even better yet take a course in PPC and save some money. If you can afford a company with results please take a look at Bruce Clay one of the most respected SEM /Seo Companies in the world. Good luck with it.
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    Yourself. Best service ever.
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    Yeah I would just do it yourself, there are so many scammers in the seo industry and even if the results seem to be ok then in a couple of months you could be sandboxed for black hat etc IBP is Good software though as a start
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    The first advice is to be VERY careful.
    Very true with this. However, I am a SEO specialist like many in here. If you are interested and want to talk - just pm me. I have my own company and have done great work for my clients.
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    this company is great for getting your website on the first page of Google, yahoo and BING.For more information please visit our website,,,,,
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    great way to introduce yourself jam15apr there with a bit of self promotion!
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