How is my brand new website a PR 3?

by aprilm
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Don't get me wrong, I am happy about this, but I really don't understand it. My site is only like 2 months old, all of a sudden I check today and not only did it jump from #15 to #2 for it's keyword but now the homepage is a PR3? (It was a PR- last time I checked.) I am a bit skeptical.....anybody else had this experience?
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    Google PageRank is updated quite frequently, but they only update the public-facing view of the PageRank every few months.

    PR generally does take time to build up, but that's only because it is passed on through backlinks and backlinks themselves (in particular, good, high PR backlinks) are something that take time / effort (or both) to acquire.

    Having said that, if you happen to get a few decent quality backlinks to a new site, there is no reason why it cannot acquire a reasonable PageRank within a short space of time.
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    Further to my above post and in respect to the latter part of your question, I can say that I have had experience of this myself.

    A year or so ago I put up a new blog, for which I'd written only one, decent quality post. I built only one link to the site/post myself through EzineArticles and after getting indexed I found that that single post, containing good valuable information, began acquiring backlinks quite easily.

    Fast forward a couple of months and Google updates the PR, and I was given a PR of 2 for a site with a single post. As of yesterday (or whenever it was recently that Google updated PageRank again) it has now gone up to a PR3.
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    Happened to my site today too (i noticed it today) put up an auto article blog and built no backlinks to it yet and it seems to have auto backlinks some how (about 50 of them) and is a PR 3 too!

    Saves me some work and strange as it was literally all auto.

    Mark Blaze
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    You probably had a high page rank site link to yours.
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    What is your site niche?
    Do you have a lot of articles, quality content etc?
    What about competition?
    There are a lot of factors why it is so, but really nice work anyway.
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    Why should we care? I mean, how important is PR as to how many visitors we get? I am sure we all know it does not give us high ranking.
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      Originally Posted by greff View Post

      Why should we care? I mean, how important is PR as to how many visitors we get? I am sure we all know it does not give us high ranking.
      I don't know. Good point, I always thought the higher the PR the better chance have of moving up in the SERPS....I am obviously wrong about that though.

      Very strange, I just checked my ranking on my aunt's computer and I am now #10.....who knows! LOL :rolleyes:

      I have about 17 backlinks....mostly profile and blog comments. I have a small linkwheel going, but those 2.o properties haven't gotten much idk!

      And of right now, I don't have all that much quality content on my I am still working on it. Oh well.....guess i will just roll with the punches!
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    most probably the keyword which you have chosen has helped you to get PR2 in 2 months as there wouldn't be much competition there in the search engine for that particular word.
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    It happens. Just dont go now making tons of backlinks! Focus on quality sites with good PR and a targeted anchor text for your backlinks.

    I have seen a site go from PR0 to PR6 with just over 60 backlinks.

    Good luck!

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