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Pagerank is hard to understand at times. The recent PR update provided one of my new sites with just 5 inbound links a PR of 1 whereas a site that is significantly older with 200 inbound links has a PR of 0. Just hard to fathom how they rank sites. PR doesn't mean much....:confused:
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    I saw some websites on flippa with PR0 who making $5000 or more per month.
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    Yeah.,. Pr is not much important.. It is not important in gaining traffics but it is much important to link sellers
    Don't worry about PR. Also - if a buyer really knows what PR is all about - it wouldn't worry him neither. PR is basically dead.
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    Google PageRank does not rely on the sheer frequency of the keywords in your site.
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    Worry about targeted traffic not PR, you'll make far more money.
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      Hi warfore,

      I believe your confusion in this case is based on the perception that PR only considers direct links. PageRank is the relative number of direct and indirect links to a web document expressed as logarithmic score of 0 to 10, and is based on the "Random Surfer Model"

      It is used internally by Google to help it schedule frequency of visits by their web crawling bots as well as weighting the relative value of anchortext influence on relevancy scores of linked document.

      "Just because something is easy to measure doesn't mean it's important"

      Seth Godin
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    imho, Google messes around with PR computation deliberately to kill link building practices.
    PR does not show anything, basically. Traffic does not depend on it and vice versa.
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