Are Press Releases just Mainly for backlinks?

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Is there much traffic for press release from visitors reading the press release and clicking the link? or it is mainly for backlinking?
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    You can get some HUGE traffic from a good press release.

    What tends to happen is smaller blogs and sites pick up on the story and re-publish it, so there's more bang for your buck right there.

    In a lot of cases, if it's picked up by even a small local news agency, it will spread through their internal networks and appear all over the place on small news sites.

    The press release has got to be newsworthy first and foremost.
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    I have had hit or miss with Press Release's I dont find them huge on traffic, but still testing. I am having an outsource person run about 45 free ones night now, see how that goes.

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  • Press releases also give you the chance to score some reading space on mainstream print publications with huge readerships. Most print publications survey PR wires for relevant news items that can fill up their pages.
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