SEO risks in moving a blog/website - will this hurt or help my client?

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I have a client with a WP blog built into their website. None of their catagory or post titles show up in the URL. Instead, their URL looks something like this:

I spoke with the programmer about it, thinking it would be an easy (and much needed) change. He's telling me it can't be done because of the programming on the remainder of the site & the blog pages are built into the site structure.

Our only option is moving the blog to a sub-domain or different url.

Is it worth it for SEO purposes? The site has been up & active for over 2 years. If we move it, will I risk messing something else up - like backlinks to the pages?

Thanks in advance!
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    If it's WP can't you just try installing one of the many URL changer plugins (sorry I cannot recall the name of the one I use)?

    If you were to move to a subdomain or a different URL you can 301 redirect all of the old pages to their new location. A 301 redirect will basically tell the search engines that the page has moved and any history built up on the old pages should flow to the new ones (including value from backlinks).
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    I would evaluate the number of traffic and conversions (if any) the blog generates and the current rankings for individual blog pages.

    If none of the above is crucial for the business, moving to a static blog structure with keywords in URLs (and 301 redirects for all pages that may be cross-linked in other places) would be a benefit for sure.
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    Thanks so much for the help! I'll check into it...
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