Do autoblogs using copied content get indexed?

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Do they?

I have read that a lot of them do get indexed by Google and there are always sites for sale on flippa with tons of indexed pages using copied content.

So do a lot of blogs with copied content get indexed regularly?
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  • I have also seen a lot of sites on auctions that are index full of duplicate content. If fact I have many sites that are just that: Duplicates. Although I will add that even though the content may be duplicate, i always make sure to use many sources. I think if Google think you are just copying a website, they will dislike you very much.

    On one of my sites I experimented with changing articles a little so they are not "identical". Although it has a ranking of 0 at the moment, it seems to rank higher in the search engines. Also when I say a little change, I mean less then 20%. It only takes me a min or two on each article and I think it is time well spent.
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    Anyone else with experience? Knowledge.
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    Not only indexed)) my was #1 in Google and Yahoo for a competitive keyword
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      Originally Posted by trytolearnmore View Post

      Not only indexed)) my was #1 in Google and Yahoo for a competitive keyword

      Wowww. That's impressive. And all copied content? Did you get your rankings mainly due to your site size or was it some SEO and link work too?
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    Here is my site (ok, it's not mine, because i've sold it):

    How To Date People. Dating relationships dating tips and relationship advice

    I used Amazon Autoposter plugin to get the content and Onlywire plugin to auto bookmark my posts. That's it basically.
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      Oh it's great to hear that even after using copied content your site is ranking on number 1 in Google for competitive keywords !! I wish you would be able to hold that positions for long time. But really the question might arise that what is the necessity of unique and informative content?!
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    Many sites are full of duplicate content but most of them can be indexed. If you are busy with other work, you can copy content from other sites. Of course, this action may be regarded as inlegal.
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    I noticed some of my autoblogs being indexed with thousands and thousands of pages, and some are "somehow"stuck at 300 and never get more. (With the same content, mind you)
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