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The other day I put up a quick test site using one of MoreNich's branded sites. It is still not indexed, which would be OK.

But when I go to the Big G AdWords keyword tool and search using the "website content" option the tool brings back no results.

Now this looks like a simple php site that pretty much has zero data stored on my actual domain.

Normally my WordPress sites get indexed in a day easily. I used pingler to ping this site and I know it has been crawled.

I am just wondering why AdWords keyword tool can not pull any keywords from this site. This site looks kind of empty when you look at the source code.

Do I need to install WP and put up a real site?

coloncleanse-101 DOT com

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    My completely uneducated guess would be that Google can't see it because it isn't indexed. I wouldn't think that they crawl a site for keywords at the time when you request the data. It seems more likely that the data comes from within their massive database, so if they haven't crawled the site yet, you wouldn't get data.

    But as I said, that is just a guess.

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    Are you using a website or a WP blog? Sorry didnt see confirmation.

    If it is a WP blog, check the privacy settings, I know that recently mine have been auto setting it to no be visible by search engines.

    If thats not the case id recommend building backlinks, bookmarking etc and it will index.

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      Thanks everyone.

      The site is not WP at this time.

      I was just afraid that there was too little information. Almost like a blank page.

      I'll wait a few days and start building backlinks.

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    The fact that the site header has
    may be the cause of the problem.

    There's no content for the bots to find either as your domain is just containing a framed page for whoever you're affiliated with.

    Alternatively it may just be that the Google Gods don't love you and wish to make your life difficult - something they do with me on a daily basis

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      I changed the tags to

      I pulled them from one of my WP sites.

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