Building backlinks to micro niche sites - waste of time?

by LK
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I have a micro nice site which I'm monetizing using adsense. It's made me about $3 so far, which isn't a lot but not bad either (it's my first micro niche site ever, which is why I don't think it's that bad).

My site is currently number 7 in google for its keyword.
I have 1 ezine article linking to it, one article base article and I just submitted the same article to 2 other article directories today.
I've also dug (as in digg'ed) the site and pinged it.
As far as I remember I created 1 or 2 forum profiles and put the URL in the "website" field a while back.

SO, my question is, should I move on and make some more sites or should I build more backlinks to this one?
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    Good luck,
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    There was a time when I pondered the same question, when I was looking at three sites, two of which were showing up on page 1 for their respective keywords, and the third lost in the back of page six or somewhere thereabouts...

    I decided to build backlinks (slowly) to all three sites, and added more articles to the third site. Oh, yeah, more importantly, I decided to continue building more sites.

    Fast forward to today, that third site is now one of my best earning sites, though not because of the main page, but rather because of a couple of the inner pages which are now ranked on page one for their respective keywords. The main page is actually somewhere in page two or three, but I think you see the point here: had I not added articles to it, I would have missed out on the opportunity to add to my daily adsense earnings.

    Finally, consider this: Google will not pay out anything under $100 I think? Not sure of the exact threshold because ever since that fateful day when I decided to backlink, add articles and build more sites, I haven't had to worry about payment thresholds, if you know what I mean.

    Lastly, I read your blog, and it seems like you have no issues with self motivation, so I do hope you keep moving forward. Writing and site building doesn't seem to be an issue for you, so if you can find a way to do the same for backlinking and ignoring the occasional bumps in the road (hint: some of your sites will not reach page one), then I think you will be looking forward to happy adsense days in the near future.

    Best of Luck.
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    I have had good luck with backlinks in my articles.

    It is a great method as long as it is close to your topic.
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    Yeah, the more sites you build, the more links you build, the more content you write, the more you should make if you have a good head on your shoulders.

    Make sure you install analytics on every site and create seperate ads/groups in adsense so you can track everything. Stay on top of the analytics and pay attention to what pages are getting traffic, and what pages are making the most for you in adsense, then expand on those pages/topics.

    It takes some time, but you're on the right track.

    Looking to Dominate the Search Engines?

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      80% website creation, 20% link building.
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    I think you can build more sites and still keep working on this. You are doing a good job here. Good luck! ^^
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    @Murderface: thanks

    @sdkWriter: thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I do have issues with self motivation and self discipline (esp. the latter). I'm a horrible procrastinator, but I don't want it to stop me, so I'm trying to fix my old bad habits bit by bit.. heh.
    Thanks for your advice and for telling me about your personal experiences. I hope I can reach the payment threshold sometime in the near future too =)

    @mmresources: thanks for the tips. I haven't added analytics yet so I'll be sure to do that soon.
    LK's Adsense Experience - no shenanigans, just a simple blog~
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    i think you should move on .something that can make more
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      Originally Posted by downloadvyp View Post

      i think you should move on .something that can make more
      Like move on to the next site or something different than adsense all together?
      LK's Adsense Experience - no shenanigans, just a simple blog~
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