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If anyone could shed some light for me here that would be awesome..

so I placed an order for a couple backlink services recently, and I had a major brainfart and put my site as "www.mysite.org" instead of just "mysite.org" I am indexed in google as just "mysite.org" and its a WP blog. So my question is, if I go into my blog and in the settings change it to "www.mysite.org" since that is the URL I built all my links to, will those get credited properly from big G?
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    Depending on how old the blog is, changing the indexing could be a mistake. I think it may be better to just leve it alone since I believe the backlinks will still work for credit.
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      It's a pretty new blog.. like a couple weeks.

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    i would not worry, simply change in wordpress to "www."...you should do this anway...blog will get reindexed anyway all the time and in a few weeks it will all point to www.
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      Hey thanks a lot George. I was hoping that was the case. Man that would have sucked if it wasn't.

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        sign in to google webmaster and tell them that your preferred domain is wwwsite.org. Then google will recognise your wwwsite.org backlinks
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    I agree with George, if the site is only a couple of weeks old go ahead and make the switch.
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