Website Optimizer hurting my Adwords Quality Score?!

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So in an effort to improve my subscriber conversion rate on my landing page, I decided to implement Google Website Optimizer and do A/B split testing on the original landing page plus two variations.

After implementing this however, my the guy monitoring my adwords sent me a message saying that my quality scores are falling because of the automatic redirection caused by Optimizer and that my "cost per coversion" would go higher and higher by each passing day.

This doesn't make sense to me that Optimizer would hurt my adwords quality and/or cost. Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong here?

If anyone has knowledge or experience with this, I'd really appreciate your input.

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    I've never used Google Website Optimizer but I doubt very much it is the reason for your QS going down.

    You must understand what drives QS. Three parts: keyword relevancy, CTR and page loading time. They are weighted approximately 25%, 65% and 10%.

    Are your keywords relevant? OK, good. Then just get your CTR higher. Many people concentrate on the wrong thing and try to tweak the landing page.

    So the reason your QS is going down is because your CTR is going down or competitors are getting better with better CTRs of their own. The Adwords FAQ has more details.
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      Great, I'll take a look at that. Thanks!
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