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I'm currently using Tracking202 and it has successfully tracked keywords that have converted for me that Google's own conversion tracking failed to do consistently.

However I may have to stop using Tracking202 since I'm creating a new landing page with a search box and for some reason there seems to be no solution to get Tracking202 to work with this search box so I may have to just rely on Google Analytics.

I'm assuming that I'll have to link my Analytics account to my Adwords account to get this started correct?

Will Analytics miss conversions like Adwords does? I'm assuming that analytics also records what part of the day conversions are made as well, correct?
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    I believe you have to setup your conversions as "goals". You can also create a "funnel" to see where or how your traffic traveled through your site to get to the landing page.
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      Thanks bigcat1967 however my major concern is whether Google's own Anaytlics software can record what keywords converted and at what time like how Tracking202 does. If Google Adwords is inconsistent at it then is their Analytics software anymore reliable for tracking conversions?

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