Using Keywords Aggressively or Spammy ?

by Jah33
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Well I read about this Google 'Florida update' and it says using keyword aggressively is = to spammy. Now I've done some keyword optimization but wondering if I was on the righ track ? WHAT IS THE RATIO ??? If you have 100 words, then how many times should you have your keyword ?:confused:
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    You should be save if you only use the word a couple times for content that is 100 words.

    Also don't forget to stick your primary keyword into the title, meta, and all the other standard on-page SEO locations as well.
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    You should use corresponding keyword on each blog of forums when you do comment posting so that they are not consider as spam.
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    As Matt implies in the video, your content should read well to users. I've heard keyword density should be anywhere from 1% to 7%, but I don't generally test for it. I write for the humans who read my articles and then tweak things a little if I need to include a certain keyword or if I haven't placed it in the best spot.

    Bottom line, I wouldn't worry about an exact number of keywords per 100 words. Just make it natural and you'll be fine.
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