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I read something on the Google 'Florida update' and was wondering , how much is too much ? What is the ratio for keyword optimization nowadays?
For every 100 words how many times should you use your keyword ?:confused:
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    I don't worry about such things. It should be a natural
    flowing of words, using them where appropriate.

    While you are coming up with a magic number, you are
    probably using other words to take their place. Hence,
    optimizing your content for keywords you don't even
    realize. And then those words break your first keyword
    count rule. Unless of course, you want to keep track
    of those too.


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      That's a great question. I agree with paul in that too many people worry about keyword density so much that they fail to write copy that's going to convert or copy that reads well. It's much more important to have your visitors trust you, view you as an authority on the subject and have them rely on you for information so they return to your blog, ecommerce site or affiliate marketing site.

      As a general guideline, keyword density should be between 2 and 5% which is about (as paul said) normal if you're just writing from the seat of your pants. I would recommend being conscious of using your keyword while writing, but don't let it dominate your thoughts.



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    I would suggest that 2.5% - 5% is a good rule of thumb. Or, you can have 3% to 7% for major keywords and 1% to 2% For minor keywords .
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