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I am a vendor and trying to figure out how to properly track my sales (my sales vs. affiliate sales). I am currently using Tracking 202, and can't seem to figure out a way to do this.

If I have a PPC campaign and my prospects come through my campaign initially, then search around on the web about my product, chances are that they will click on an affiliate link at some point. If that prospect comes back to buy, the affiliate gets his commission.

How do I know if the sales coming through are my full sales or affiliate sales? Obviously it makes a huge difference for my ROI. I'm using Clickbank. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Clickbank's cookie priority is based on 'last served' so whatever affiliate link the user clicked last will be the one that gets credit.

    If you're running your PPC campaign and are afraid prospects are leaving and then coming back to your site via another affiliate link, I'd recommend you work on your conversion rate so they don't leave your site Capture their email into an autoreponder series, and your links in your email can always contain your HOP info so that it "resets" every time. Just be cautious that this might screw over your affiliates who sent traffic and expect the sale only to have the vendor (you) swipe it away.

    - Jeff
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    Thanks for the reply Jeff. Yes I don't want to do that, as I encourage serious affiliates to opt-in to my autoresponder series themselves so they know I don't swipe commissions if they generate a lead for me.
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