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I am confused about the value of trackbacks and pingbacks in Wordpress powered sites. In terms of SEO, is it better to have this feature enabled or not?

I guess there is the obvious benefit of having other blogs linking back to my site, on the other hand I'm linking to them and this is where I'm not sure I'm doing the best thing for my site in terms of SEO.

The other thing is that these pingbacks all appear in "comments" and they look kind of odd, because they are not comments and simply display the other site's URL and an excerpt from my post that the other site is linking to.

Any comments from guys more experienced in SEO would be much appreciated.
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    You should receive a bit of SEO value because generally someone has mentioned your blog somewhere, like Twitter for example.

    Of course, Twitter has no followed links which opens up an entirely different SEO can of worms all together.

    So yeah, you should receive some benefit. How much exactly? Ask Matt Cutts.
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      Thanks McBrett, I though there would be some value in that as well, just not sure what the downside (there is always the downside I've learned) would be.
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