How does a piece of Cr*p like this rank so high

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I am showing the site below for information purposes only the money making scheme advertising it does not work and despite the poster assurances to the contrary it's illegal or at least it's in here the UK

I have found a crappy site which promotes an illegal chain letter ranking
number 3 in Google for how to make money right now which has 122 million competitors.

I did have the link here but as emigre pointed out I was giving them a baclklink so I have removed it
the name of the site is

www. engitech. com/ discussion-old/messages/31.html] you will need to type this url in your address bar without the spaces.

Not only is this type of offer illegal in many countries but the site itself is crap how can Google say it's aim is to improve the searchers experience when they give such prominence to sites like this
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    and you are giving it a backlink
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    Yes Emigre your right I have edited my post

    FREE >>As We Thinketh << as a man thinketh for the 21st century The missing chapters are actually the best

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    To quote the 1986 class Short Circuit ...

    Skroeder: Maybe it's pissed off.
    Newton Crosby: It's a machine, Schroeder. It doesn't get pissed off, it doesn't get happy, it doesn't get sad, it doesn't laugh at your jokes...
    Newton Crosby, Ben Jabituya: ...IT JUST RUNS PROGRAMS!


    Google doesn't understand what those sites are. It doesn't understand the legal system in this, or any country. Google doesn't know if the system would work.

    All Google knows is that other sites have linked to it and that makes it a better result to return than a site that others haven't linked to.
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      Originally Posted by Andy Fletcher View Post

      All Google knows is that other sites have linked to it and that makes it a better result to return than a site that others haven't linked to.
      Reversing SEO anyone?

      Anywayz, You'll see more examples of bad positioning in Google serp's. Everynow and then a strange result shows up at top BUT not for long.
      People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    Does not rank in google when I've tried it. The link below is from Market Samurai showing on in the top 1000 on any of the make 3. (need to remove space as I do not have enough posts!)

    http ://

    And the competition is at the link below, has Domain age of 10 years and PR of 1 (why?) but other than that does not appear to be well optimised. Was it a paid result at 1?

    http ://

    I am only up the road in preston so if I can help pm me and we can have a chat.

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    That's just the tip of the iceberg I'm afraid...

    I have to manually filter out all ezine article, goarticle and other common article directories when searching for trustworthy advice for my own interests...

    Why? Because I can say with almost 99.9% confidence and experience, that 99.9% of these results are articles with no useful info, purposely optimized and engineered (via backlinks) to rank well.

    The content is usually filler trash to get a click.

    Again, this is generalization, and there are a LOT of good articles on those types of sites, but they are usually buried beyond the daily onslaught of multiple submissions of "tailored for the SERPS" marketer fed articles.

    Sad but true...Google IS flawed, just like the other SE's. It's currently a battle for who can get the most backlinks.

    It's sad really, because if search engines really DID deliver the best content for the right keywords, then we'd all be so much better off...

    ...having better quality info at our finger tips, like it was originally designed for.
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      To answer your question in one word: Marketing

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    intitle competition is only 778

    Inlinks and Backlinks are all optimized for keywords make, money, right now

    The page itself is highly optimized for keywords make, money, right, now
    money - mentioned 30 times
    now - mentioned 28 times
    make - mentioned 20 times
    right - mentioned 8 times

    link neighborhood with the same theme
    backlink from a site with Page Rank of 6

    Keywords appear multiple times on the page with same order as the used keyphrase to search the site
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      That keyword gets searched for about 8-9 times a day. It's not worth anything.

      Additionally, as others have stated it makes absolutely no difference what the site is about. So long as the content is relevant and there is some good links pointing at it you can rank for decent terms.
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        Originally Posted by Pat Jackson View Post

        That keyword gets searched for about 8-9 times a day. It's not worth anything.
        If I could destroy one prevailing myth and distortion about SEO It would be this thing about counting pages that comes up when you do a search as if that is any real gauge of the competiveness of a term or its value.

        The numbers you brought up illustrate that perfectly.

        The amount of searches that a phrase gets (to the degree that you can even trust the figures) and the amount and quality of the backlinks the top results have is the only thing worth looking at.

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    It's funny my parents actually have made money from this, back in the 70's.

    Generate Unlimited Number of Micro Niche Keywords, Multi-threaded EMD Finder PLUS More!

    50% OFF WSO.
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