AdSense Clickbombing - What To Do?

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I want to know how can i protect myself from clickbombing. What measures to take? There is AdSense Clicklock which says it can protect, but i don't know if its use is against AdSense TOS.
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    There's nothing you can do.

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    Hide your ads for the meantime or change it with other alternatives.
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      Just use alternative adds and you can hide from.

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        Contact Google and ask them.
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          Originally Posted by Pat Jackson View Post

          Contact Google and ask them.
          And the answer is something similar to... "no problem, we track all that data and we protect you, yadda yadda"

          Not saying they don't protect Adsense Publishers BUT...
          People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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              That is interesting idea. How long will it take for this to start working?
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                If you want to earn off of adsense, why hide them?

                I can't say for sure, because no one here is a google employee.

                But I can't believe that sites don't get click bombed on a constant
                basis. Google must have a way of dealing with it without just
                up and canning your account shortly after.


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                  Here is my theory.

                  You are most vulnerable to account suspension when you are a new account. If you get click bombed Google probably takes many things into consideration. They will look at the source of the click bomb and if it is in some way related to you. They will look at the quality of your sites. If you look clean to them, then no issues. If you look marginal, you get banned.

                  I'd say the best thing you can do to protect yourself when you have a new account is not letting anyone, friend or family, know about your sites. Certainly don't let anyone know that you don't trust 110 percent. After you are established it does not matter as much. If you have crap sites (you know who you are), then you will always be at risk.
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