What do you think of the beta Google Keyword Tool?

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Hi all,
I have been playing around with the beta google keyword tool, (https://adwords.google.com/o/Targeti...uestType=IDEAS) and wondered if anyone else has tried it and what they think of it.
Many thanks.
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    well im kinda new to it, but it seems downloading a list of keywords is a little more complicated than the good old external kw tool
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    I found that all tools (including Googles) are never really that accurate. I always use my head when it comes to keyword research ... and even the traffic estimators are way off. I've learnt to stay away from it and look at the industry from th eother side of the looking glass. If I really want to get into a market I run some PPC first to see what its like. Anything else is just doing it the wrong way around.

    Any questions just let me know

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    Nick, you're quite right but even if they are not accurate at least having a read on "what they say" might help you a little, right?
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      I am actually very happy with the new interface, it makes it a lot easier for me to get an idea of what is going on... Found a very good niche last night while playing around with it.
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        Thanks for your feedback,
        Up to now I have found it a bit hitty missy (if thats a word), sometimes it doesn't bring any results at all.
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    I hate it, looks sleek, but downloading keyword lists and quickly generating keyword ideas is much more complicated than before...
    thumbs down from me (in the current form)


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      These beta Google Keyword are not of any good worth.I agree with above discussion.
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        Hi all, the Keyword Tool is just that... a tool. You shouldn't ONLY depend on it for all of your aims. I use it to compliment other tools and processes that assist me.

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          These Beta Google Keyword Tools are worthless.
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    it's great tool... i have use it since last year... but you have to think about the keywords, and i mean try to manipulate with your keyword... use your mind to chose the keywords more than the tool
    and with you a good luck
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